Elenor Wilson - Ceramic Art
2016 ProjectsArctic ClayWindows (2014 Taiwan Biennale)Modern Pots 2014Windows 2013Clouds 2011Postcards from Home 2010Nostalgia 2009Tableware 2009
My work is project- or commission-based, and it varies from slip-cast, modular, large-scale sculpture to simplistic, functional, wheel-thrown or hand-built pottery. For me, working with clay is a way to engage with my community locally and globally; a vehicle for sharing and celebrating history, heritage, and contemporary culture.

I'm currently based in Northampton, Massachusetts, where I split my time between studio work and editing Studio Potter journal, a semi-annual publication serving the ceramics community.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about my work, or are interested in purchasing or commissioning artwork.