Elenor Wilson - Ceramic Art
Wu Xing Studio Design Project

This product is inspired by Chinese Song Dynasty Ceramic "ear" vases. Its unique design has two key components. The first is the idea of the consumer's ongoing interaction with the product. Of course the vase can be used for a beautiful flower bouquet; however, that is not its only function. New, the vase has a clean-looking glaze, and is packaged with a pair of dry-erase markers. The owner is welcome to write a note or make a little doodle on the vase surface. As more and more writing appears and disappears on the surface of the vase, the secret cracks in the glaze will appear, eventually giving it the effect of tea-stained celadon just like the original Guan Ware vase. The second key component is that the "ears," which historically were meant for a carrying rope, can be used as storage slots for the dry-erase markers.

This product is set to debut in late 2012, available exclusively through WuXing Studio, Taipei, Taiwan, and WuXing Studio commercial platforms.

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