Elenor Wilson - Ceramic Art
Cleanse and ReflectCleanse and Reflect, alt. viewCleanse and Reflect, upper detailCleanse and Reflect, lower detailPins and Boxes, Portrait SeriesPins and Boxes, Portrait Series, detailBrushes, Portrait SeriesShoes, Portrait Series Juicers, Portrait SeriesAmerican Tourister Still LifeAmerican Tourister Still Life, detailMemory PileMemory Pile, detailPortrait Series, installation viewMFA Thesis Show, installation view
Nostalgia 2009
Nostalgia is the culmination of my Master's Degree Study in Fine Art at the State University of New York at New Paltz. My Thesis focused on nostalgia as a defense mechanism:
The mass amount of information available at our fingertips through the internet is revolutionary, but the intangibility and ephemeral nature of what we see is frightening—where is the record of our pasts kept? . . . Real objects with evidence of use and evocative of fashions display this record in ways pixels cannot. . . . Through replicating these objects into new versions of their originals, they become iconic in nature, providing both poignant association and open-ended interpretation as they interact in static mass.