Elenor Wilson - Ceramic Art
LoveHello Pink KittyHot Pink PortraitGolden Crèche Golden Crèche, alt. viewGolden Crèche, detailWhite and AccessorizedWhite and Accessorized, detailKlein Blue CollageKlein Blue Collage, alt. viewKlein Blue Collage, tile detailMelancholyMelancholy, alt. viewTradition and MoneyTradition and Money, detail
Postcards from Home 2010
Postcards from Home is the first body of work produced during my stay in Taiwan and is the product of a three-month residency at the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum. This work was based on both the physical size of a postcard, and the tradition of sending a postcard while traveling. It aims to express the surreal experience of absorbing and synthesizing a sudden bombardment of new information in combination with one’s own identity as the “other”. Postcards from Home was my first solo show and first international exhibition.