Elenor Wilson - Ceramic Art
Nesting Oval Bowl, PinchedLarge Oval Bowl, PinchedLarge Oval Bowl, Pinched, alt viewLarge Oval Bowl, Pinched, backLarge Oval Bowl, Pinched, DetailSmall Oval Bowl, PinchedSmall Oval Bowl, Pinched, alt viewSmall Oval Bowl, Pinched, backSet of 3 - Tray and 2 Bowls, Wheel-thrown2 Large Thrown Bowls, inside view2 Large Thrown Bowls, nestedLarge Bowl w/Orange #1Large Bowl w/Orange #2Large Bowl w/Orange, detailLarge Oval Thrown TrayLarge Thrown Tray, alt. viewLarge Thrown Oval Tray, detialLarge Round Tray and Medium Bowl SetLarge Round Tray and Medium Bowl Set, detailLarge Round TrayLarge Round Tray, backLarge Round Tray, detialMedium Size BowlMedium Size Bowl, back
Modern Pots 2014
It's been five years since I made pots. This is the beginning of revisiting the roots of my ceramics career. I hope to add more forms, but continue with this palette and surface treatment.