Elenor Wilson - Ceramic Art
Windows Windows (back side, full room view)Windows (alt. view, sculptural side)Proposal paper maquette for Windows Proposal sketches for Windows #1Proposal sketches for Windows #2Window Vase #1Window Vase #2Window Vase #3Window Vase #4Window Vase #5Window Vase #6
Windows (2014 Taiwan Biennale)
This work mimics the display of traditional Chinese “window” forms in the Yingge Museum’s permanent collection. However, the newly constructed window has protruding sculptural elements derived from the original form. The concept is meant to illicit alternative ideas about recognizable, or even iconic, cultural staples. My aim is to engage my audience in questioning their perceptions of heritage, place, and culture. This work is meant to function as a metaphor for the surreal nature of being a
foreigner. The artwork was installed in a similar manner to that of the museum’s permanent display, that is, set inside a wall that can be viewed from either side.